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SANS Webcasts are live web broadcasts that allow you to hear a knowledgeable speaker while viewing presentation slides that you download in advance. You need either Real Audio Player or Windows Media Player (free downloads are available on the webcast access page), and a SANS Account. If you aren't a member of the Community, just go to the Join Community page and fill in the simple registration form, it's free.

Title Speaker Date Sponsor
Cloud Complexities: Navigating the Headwinds Serge Borso Nov 24, 2020 --
Beyond Compliance: Tips to Deliver Engaging Application Security Training Scott Russo Oct 30, 2020 Secure Code Warrior
Automating Security Across Cloud Infrastructure as Code Cesar Rodriguez Sep 14, 2020 --
A Purple-Team Approach to Exploring AWS Security Services & Capabilities Kenneth G.. Hartman Sep 8, 2020 --
Dealing with an Adolescent Cloud Ross Young Sep 4, 2020 --
Stranger Things in the Cloud: How Do We Stop Breaches? Roger O’Farril Aug 14, 2020 --
In the Cloud. We don't need roads. Kyle Dickinson Aug 7, 2020 --
Attacking and Defending Cloud Native Infrastructure Andy Martin Jul 16, 2020 Cisco Systems Inc.
Threat Hunting through Log Analysis in AWS Shaun McCullough Jul 15, 2020 --
SANS @MIC Talk - Defending Lift and Shift Cloud Applications Ryan Nicholson Jul 1, 2020 --
Extending Your Home Lab to include Cloud Ismael Valezuela, Justin Henderson Jul 1, 2020 --
SANS @MIC Talk - SEC510: Multicloud Security Assessment and Defense Eric Johnson, Brandon Evans Jun 24, 2020 --
The Best of Both Worlds: Cloud + SASE Prasidh Srikanth, Kenneth G. Hartman Jun 23, 2020 Bitglass
Winning in the Dark - Defending Serverless Infrastructure in the Cloud Eric Johnson Jun 3, 2020 --
Quick, everyone BYOD! Simplifying remote work and reducing risk with Microsoft and Duo Dave Shackleford, Ganesh Umapathy, Leya Leydiker May 19, 2020 Duo Security
Privilege Escalation in GCP - A Transitive Path Kat Traxler May 13, 2020 --
Enabling Consistent Multi-Cloud Security, Forensics and Incident Response Chris McHenry May 13, 2020 Cisco Systems Inc.
Secure Remote Collaboration: Truth, lies and security marketing fluff when it comes to messaging, video conferencing and MFA Aaron Turner, Dave Shackleford May 11, 2020 Highside
WhatWorks in Migrating to the Cloud while Maintaining Security and Network Performance (with a remote workforce) Juan Canales - Sr. Manager of Enterprise Security and Architecture at Hill Physicians Medical Group (HPMG) and John Pescatore - SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends Apr 29, 2020 ExtraHop
How to Design a Least Privilege Architecture in AWS Dave Shackleford and Sagar Khasnis Apr 29, 2020 AWS Marketplace
Zero Trust: What You Need to Know to Secure Your Data and Networks Dave Shackleford and Ricardo Font Apr 21, 2020 Gigamon
Hacking Jenkins Ross Young Apr 20, 2020 --
Pre-Runtime vs. Runtime Protection: What\'s Best for your IaaS Security? Dave Shackleford and Itai Tevet Apr 14, 2020 Intezer
Shared Responsibility of Salesforce Security Dave Shackleford and Pete Thurston Apr 3, 2020 RevCult
What To Do When Moving to The Cloud Kenneth Hartman, Kyle Dickinson, Ryan Nicholson Mar 30, 2020 --
7 Techniques for Ramping Your DevSecOps Program Quickly Jake King Mar 26, 2020 Cmd
Building an Enterprise DevSecOps Program Rich Mogull and Chris Kirsch Mar 26, 2020 Veracode
SANS CyberCast - SANS@Mic -Attacking Serverless Servers: Reverse Engineering the AWS, Azure, and GCP Function Runtimes Brandon Evans Mar 25, 2020 --
Anatomy of a Cloud Data Breach Nathan Smolenski and Ray Canzanese Mar 19, 2020 Netskope
Container Security: Building a Solid Foundation for All Round Defenders Justin Henderson Mar 19, 2020 --
SANS CyberCast - SANS@Mic - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love TLS Johannes Ulrich Mar 18, 2020 --
State of Cloud and Threats Ray Canzanese, Ph.D. Mar 4, 2020 Netskope
Head In the Clouds Kevin Ripa Mar 3, 2020 --
Real-World Implementation of Deception Technologies Kyle Dickinson Feb 19, 2020 Acalvio Technologies, Inc.
Cloud Logging and Security Justin Henderson Feb 11, 2020 --
Implementer\'s Guide to Deception Technologies Kyle Dickinson Feb 6, 2020 Fidelis Cybersecurity ,Attivo Networks,Acalvio Technologies, Inc.
Secure by Default? Scoring the Big 3 Cloud Providers Brandon Evans Jan 27, 2020 --
What you Need To Know About The Critical Citrix Gateway (Netscaler) Vulnerability CVE-2019-19781 Jason Lam and Dr. Johannes Ullrich Dec 31, 2019 --
How to Leverage a CASB for Your AWS Environment Kyle Dickinson and David Aiken Dec 19, 2019 AWS Marketplace
Cloud Security Vulnerabilities, Management, and Communication David Hazar Dec 18, 2019 --
Cloud Storage Forensics: Endpoint Evidence Chad Tilbury Dec 3, 2019 --
Move to Cloud: A Chance to Finally Transform Security? Matt Bromiley, Dr. Anton A. Chuvakin and Brandon Levene Nov 26, 2019 Google Cloud
SEC588: Cloud Penetration Testing. What is it? What\'s different, and why? Moses Frost Nov 12, 2019 --
Attacking and Defending Cloud Metadata Services Eric Johnson Oct 30, 2019 --
You can rest easy when protecting REST APIs Jason Lam Jul 17, 2019 --
The Future of Authentication: How Two Factor Authentication is Dying and What’s Next Johannes Ullrich Jun 4, 2019 Yubico, Inc.
Secure Kubernetes Application Delivery Andrew Martin May 30, 2019 --
Cloud Security Automation: Monitoring and Operations Frank Kim May 28, 2019 --
Web application defense – Use headers to make pentester’s job difficult Jason Lam May 15, 2019 --
All Your Data Belongs to Us: How to Defend Against Credential Stuffing Johannes Ullrich Apr 2, 2019 --
Prioritizing Security Operations in the Cloud through the Lens of the NIST Framework John Pescatore and David Aiken Feb 21, 2019 AWS Marketplace

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